July 28, 2014

Solution on the forepart of prosperous wealth of feng shui

Saying there are many about shoes, as we often say "shoes don't fit, only the feet know", and "wear other's shoes to go its Christian louboutin montreal own way". Ancient civilizations of China's is making shoes, since paleolithic, has five thousand years of history, so its first step as a long cultural history and national history. In ancient times, different occasions wear different Canada christian louboutin outlet shoes is have strict rules, in modern times, also pay attention to different collocation to attend different occasions. Although shoes is daily clothing accessories, but also carries all aspects of etiquette and implication. Said to shoes bearing imply that are going to have to say the relationship between shoes and prosperous wealth.

In nature there are numerous kinds of color, applied to shoes, makes the style of the shoes is a kaleidoscope, colorful. Choose the color of the shoes, to wear ordinary clothes Christian louboutin shoes discount photograph collocation, and secondly is consistent with your own horoscope pleased with five elements. Feng shui xi wood fire, for example, friend, can choose green or red shoes, according to the clothing collocation to determine the depth color Christian louboutin canada outlet again. It could compensate for it by the color of the shoes, strengthen the life, to help in their fortunes, drive the finances of the role.

With the development of aesthetics and design, style and style of the shoes more and more, have fair maiden wind, gentleman, christian louboutin British wind, punk wind wind, also has pointed shoes, round head, fish mouth shoes, etc. In the five elements, has its corresponding design and shape, can according to individual figure of eight xi with corresponding to the shape of the five elements, to choose the style of the shoes, to strengthen life bureau, christian louboutin canada have the effect of prosperous fortunes, fortune. Such as feng shui xi wood friends, can choose square toe shoes; Feng shui xi gold friends, can choose round head shoes; Eight friends like fire, can choose pointy shoes, etc.

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July 21, 2014

Fashion beautiful high heels

In recent years, more and more fashion people choose wearing New Balance (New Balance sneakers, originally ordinary Christian louboutin montreal shoes also gradually get attention. In 2013, putting the Victoria (Victoria phenomenon) of the custom fluorescent green Nike trainers of photograph,Canada christian louboutin outlet more make sports shoes become a fashion symbol. Chanel (Chanel) 2014 fashion conference, galeries lafayette Karl Lagerfeld (Karl unabashed Lagerfeld) also used many times, the lace-up shoes and boots elements.

Rolled the dior Fusion trainers sneakers by its artistic director Ralph Simon (Raf Simons) to design, in the design of shoe Christian louboutin shoes discount money into Ralph Simon beloved flowers elements, with hand embroidery craft and metal bead piece elements, both elegant and fashionable breath.

Dior rolled the sneakers in popularity at the same time, also has been questioned by many people. Some people think that dior shoes design exquisite fashion, will become the latest must-haves Christian louboutin sale authentic in the burgeoning luxury shoe money, but some also questioned this sneaker design alternative, the price is too high, practicality is not strong.

The shoe money issued in 2014 autumn winter haute couture fashion week in christian louboutin canada Paris, London, Sloan Street (Sloane Street), Bond Street and Bond Street boutique stores, sells for 740 pounds (about 7800 yuan).

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July 17, 2014

The new 2014 fashion bags

Handbag brand Coach michael kors jet set logo tote black recently released 2014 autumn/winter AD blockbusters, Coach, michael kors medium jet set travel tote in addition to launch bag, also launch a runway fashion show. This season's bag is also very practical, also with low-key black and michael michael kors jet set crossbody white color, the color marca dragon and lovely fur adornment all let a person fondle admiringly.

Belt bag, just as its name implies, with a clean concise knot of michael kors jet set logo tote brown cortical thin Belt, throughout the entire package, is elegant appearance infuse a lively and interesting. Agile clamshell clipping, and knot adornment with perfect fit. Cover, built-in zip double clasp design add michael kors jet set logo practicality and safety. Flip and handle use clever design, appearance no any metal parts, with high standard choice and processing technology of cortex, make the whole package body more light feel.

Belt perfect collocation CELINE handbags series 2014 early autumn michael kors jet set logo travel tote the overall modelling of feminine grace, have a smooth calfskin paragraphs double color or natural calf monochrome also has the luxury of crocodile monochrome, color terms are navy michael kors jet set continental wallet blue, black, gray, cream-colored, brown rich selection of single or double color, suitable for everyday wear different demand, elegant the entire autumn.

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July 14, 2014

Fashion bags

Fashion world wonders, brands have played the fashionable oolong war, let you michael kors jet set logo tote black go to a nearby to find, wow! The original is bag! Take a look at how strange flower bags below, let us dazzle.

Braccialini michael kors medium jet set travel tote handbag is absolutely different, each package contains a beautiful expression of the story, emotional and unexpected. Have an urge to make braccialini brand spirit, it attempts to create a timeless classic, no copy, full of passion, leadership, it is a combination of freedom and individuality, michael michael kors jet set crossbody continued michael kors jet set logo tote brown writing women's unique elegance and taste.

Temi collections and handbags for the theme, launched in 2002 the michael kors jet set logo first red roof, it has been more than 50 peculiar modelling handbags available. Temi series bold breakthrough leather invariable appearance, michael kors jet set logo travel tote use an average of more than 50 leather parts, different styles; Warships, taxis, rocking horse, palaces, owls, snails, dragon, Daisy, let a person mosey.

Bread, beautiful ingredients such as orange, ham, tomato together can become michael kors jet set continental wallet a package! Life is full of fun and surprises everywhere, is better than the BaoYou also play your imagination, using food to diy a hermes "Carrie" package (hermes kelly), and the kelly bag is not allow you to empty your pockets!

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